SOLIDWORKS PDM and DraftSight: Streamline your Design Process and Save Time

SW PDM DraftSight Menu
SOLIDWORKS PDM menu in DraftSight

Trying to maintain better control of your dwg/dxf format files?

  • Are you constantly trying to figure out which file is the latest version?
  • Are you often searching multiple locations for a file?
  • Do you need to ask around if a file is ready for manufacturing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then using Dassault Systèmes’ DraftSight 2D design and drafting solution along with SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) could solve your problems and streamline your design process.

SOLIDWORKS PDM includes a robust integration to DraftSight so users can perform PDM operations, like check out and check in, without leaving the DraftSight user interface. SOLDIWORKS PDM is built right into Windows Explorer, so it is extremely easy to learn without the need for a separate user interface.

Another great benefit of using DraftSight with SOLIDWORKS PDM is the ability to automatically update title block (or any other block with attributes) information when a file goes through a workflow transition. For instance, when a file is transitioned from a pending approval state to an approved state, the title block can be automatically updated with the approver’s name, the date and the new revision value.

The DraftSight integration is included with both the CAD Editor and Contributor licenses of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional, which makes it very convenient and economical to obtain. All that’s needed to enable the SOLIDWORKS PDM integration in DraftSight is either a DraftSight Professional or Enterprise license.

Companies that choose SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional have the added benefit of automatically creating PDF files when their dwg/dxf format files move from one electronic workflow state to another. Users can also choose to create PDF’s from their right click menu directly inside Windows Explorer. The PDF files can be automatically checked into SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and/or copied outside of the PDM vault.

SW PDM Electronic Workflow
SOLIDWORKS PDM Electronic Workflow


















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