DraftSight 2018 for $99.00

It’s coming to the end of the year and that means the “DraftSight Professional 2018 for $99.00” is also coming to an end. To be more precise, it finishes on December 31st 2017 so time is running out to avail of this amazing offer!

What do Iget for $99.00? I hear you ask.

Well, you get the DraftSight 2018 program, a powerful 2D Design and Drafting solution that lets you create, edit, view and markup any kind of 2D Drawing. You also get productivity tools, access to the API, and a familiar user interface that makes it easy to transition from other comparable CAD applications.

I mentioned productivity tools above, this list just mentions a few of the tools accessible to DraftSight Professional 2018 users.

  • DGN Import.
  • Power Trim.
  • Drawing Compare.
  • PDF Underlay.
  • Design Library.
  • Exporting Tables to Excel.
  • Heads-Up Display Toolbar.
  • Predefined Layer Support.
  • Pattern Along a Path.
  • The DraftSight Toolbox.

To get the full list of additional features in DraftSight Professional 2018, click on the link below to watch videos that go through all the extra features in DraftSight Professional 2018.

Watch the Videos Here!

So that, very briefly, sums up the $99.00 DraftSight Professional 2018 offer. Go on, treat yourself this holiday season, you know you deserve it!

Learn more about DraftSight 2018 here

Purchase DraftSight Professional 2018 for as low as $99 here.



MJ Smyth
The first time I used CAD, it was on a DOS PC with an 8088 processor, 640K of memory and a Hercules Mono Graphics Card... That, well that was a long long time ago. I switched to DraftSight the day it was released and haven't looked back!
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