DraftSight Professional 2018 Price Reduction!

It’s December and that means people are getting ready for the holiday season!  We are no different here at DraftSight and for the month of December only, DraftSight Professional 2018 has been reduced in price to $99.00!

Yes, you read that right, DraftSight Professional 2018 has been reduced to $99.00 until December 31st 2018.

So, what do you get for your $99.00?  Well, you get features such as:

  • DGN File Support: Import DGN files for direct editing, or attach them for reference or retracing purposes.
  • Toolbox for DraftSight: A standards-based mechanical symbol library and mechanical annotation add-on.
  • Design Library: The Design Library tab in DraftSight’s Task Pane provides a central location for user-defined reusable elements such as blocks.
  • Drawing Compare: DrawCompare is used to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents.
  • Batch Printing: Send a set of drawings and Sheets to printers in a batch job and save batch print jobs to Batch Print List (*bpl) files for subsequent use.
  • G-Code Generator: convert your drawing data to G-Code to send the data to a CNC machine to create your part.
  • PDF Underlay: Attach pages of a PDF document to a drawing with the AttachPDF command.
  • DraftSight APIs (application programming interface) and API updates. APIs allow end users to customize and automate DraftSight.
  • Productivity boosters like Power Trim, Auto-Completion Commands, and Insert Centerlines.
  • Usability enhancements like Paste to Active Layer, Entity Highlighting and Arrow Key Nudging Entities.
  • Product upgrades, new releases and service packs that become available during your entitlement period.

These features are only available in DraftSight Professional 2018 and are not available in the free version of DraftSight 2018.

So, if you want to buy DraftSight Professional 2018 for the crazy low price of $99.00, just click here.  Remember, this offer is only available until December 31st 2018, the price will revert to $149.00 on January 1st 2019!

Learn more about DraftSight 2018 here


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