Online resources for learning DraftSight, Part 2

In a previous post I covered online resources for learning DraftSight, focusing on tutorials and guides written by the DraftSight development team. In this article, I will share resources for learning DraftSight created by other sources.

Some of the resources are text with images, others are videos. Most of them offer a free introduction but require a paid membership or subscription to gain access to the full training. Some of the resources here are completely free, supported by on-page advertising. The order below roughly follows from my personal highest recommendation to lowest recommendation. But each offers something of value.

Using a word processor does not make one a professional writer; so to with CAD software. If you don’t have training in a CAD-using discipline such as architectural design or mechanical engineering, you won’t become an expert by learning how to operate a CAD program.

LinkedIn DraftSight Essential Training: The DraftSight series is part of LinkedIn’s software training library, containing more than 12,000 videos on hundreds of topics. (The same set of videos are also published at, which LinkedIn acquired.) The first month is free, then the cost of a subscription is $29.95 per month for access to everything. You may end the subscription at any time. The DraftSight series is taught by Shaun Bryant, a well-known trainer in the AutoCAD community who has developed this teaching series specific to DraftSight. The 20 videos in this series are almost 9 hours in total; DWG files for each lessons are available for free download. I’ve known Shaun for years and highly recommend his work.

SolidProfessor DraftSight Tutorials and Training Courses: SolidProfessor is a well-known brand in the SolidWorks community, offering a wide variety of online resources for learning CAD. The DraftSight series is divided into three courses, each with several videos: 2016 Introduction to DraftSight (1h 26); 2016 DraftSight Essentials (2h 52m); and 2017 DraftSight for AutoCAD Users (48). Each offers an optional certificate of completion. The first few videos in each course are free; to watch the entire series requires a paid SolidProfessor membership of $490/year or $49/month. There are special plans for company membership, whereby all employees have access to the training videos.   

Tutorial45 DraftSight in 10 Steps: Tutorial45 publishes a wide variety of tutorials on CAD and related engineering topics for both professionals and hobbyists. Some require purchase, but the DraftSight series is free with ads on each page. The DraftSight tutorials are for those new to drafting; someone planning to use DraftSight on the job could start here to get the basics but will probably need more training, unless they have previous CAD experience.

Scan2CAD: DraftSight Basics In One Hour: Scan2CAD publishes conversion software to convert non-CAD artwork into CAD formats that can then be edited. As a service to its user community Scan2CAD has published introductory guides to DraftSight and other free CAD tools. This article’s title is correct, this is just the basics. But if CAD software is new to you, it is an excellent place to start.

Introduction to CAD coordinate systems, from the Scan2CAD tutorial.


EagleRock DraftSight Guides: EagleRock Products specializes in computer-aided milling systems and services. They have created a wide range of DraftSight tutorials designed for use with computer-aided milling and computer numeric control hardware. Each web page covers a specific, narrow subject, so you have to work through quite a few web pages to use this as a general training guide. Downloadable resources are available. If there is a paywall for complete access, I never found it. EagleRock has also published a downloadable DraftSight Guide (link to PDF) created with fabricators in mind.  

CAD Oasis DraftSight tutorials: this series of tutorials was first created in 2014, with some of the lessons updated with new releases. There are also pages dedicated to new features in later versions of DraftSight. The home page looks like it was designed in 1999, while the individual web pages for lessons look a bit more modern. The best part about this set of tutorials is the price: free.  

YouTube videos: There are hundreds of videos on YouTube, created by enthusiasts and vendors in several languages. The link is just to the landing page … happy hunting. 

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