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While drafting multiple entities at a time, I kept finding it difficult to create a cohesive drawing without planning each and every dimension beforehand. This prompted some experimentation in the command window, and thankfully I found a DraftSight operation that combines the effects of using Rotate, Scale and Move – called Align. The Align command gives you the option of rotating and scaling your drawings after you’ve already drawn them, so adding new entities or combining unscaled sections can be an afterthought.

That being said, I had a much better understanding of what the Align command does after I mastered its individual parts: Rotate, Move, and Scale. They’re pretty straightforward features and do exactly what you’d expect them to, but can completely transform the viewpoint and construction of your designs.

In the modify section of the customizable ribbon, all three features are located under the same icon and are applied using the same procedure. Simply click on which feature you’d like to use and select the entities you’d like to alter. Then press enter, select a point of reference, and adjust to your liking.

Side note: in the 2019 version of DraftSight, you can move an object by just clicking and dragging– so unless you’re moving an object to a specific coordinate, there’s no need to locate Move in the ribbon.

Take a look at the video below to see these features at work.

(0:00 Rotate, 0:14 Move, 0:20 Scale)


The Align command is a bit more complex – it acts as a three-in-one, which tailors additional entities to custom fit drawings or desired coordinates. In short, it combines the Rotate, Move, and Scale functions, which quickens and exactifies the adjustment process.

After typing Align and pressing enter in the command window, DraftSight first directs you on how to rotate and move your entity, and then asks if you’d like it to be scaled. I find the scale aspect of aligning particularly convenient, because it allows for instantaneous size adjustments as the entity in revision is rotated. This takes the guesswork out of proportioning and shifting your drawings, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

I hope this post enlightened you on the benefits of drawing with the Align command in DraftSight! Check out the video below to see it in action.


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