DraftSight: Fillet O’ Furniture?

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As I’ve gotten farther along in my DraftSight journey, I’ve started incorporating more detail into my designs. For example, when drawing a living room, I might furnish the layout of my space with seating and tables. In doing so, I noticed that certain objects, like couches and chairs, would appear more realistic if they had rounded, rather than angular edges. I knew I could’ve accomplished this by using the Arc icon while designing, but I had already drawn all the entities I wanted to include, and didn’t want to start from scratch.

So, I did some research and found the Fillet feature in the customizable ribbon. DraftSight always seems to make a shortcut for everything, and this operation is no different. It allows you to curve the edges of your drawings at any time, which enhances the overall quality and appearance of your drafts– no prior planning required.

It’s located under the same icon as the Power Trim tool, and DraftSight will prompt you with a few options in the command window once it’s been selected.

If you’re looking to Fillet more than one corner on your entity, right click and choose the Multiple option. Then right click and select Radius to specify the size of the curved edge you want, and press enter. Lastly, select the two entities of the corner you want to Fillet, and press enter. You should be left with a perfectly curved edge that you can repeat on as many corners as you’d like.

Bonus Tip: by right clicking and selecting Trim Mode, you can specify if you want the corner to be trimmed, or if you simply want to add a curve to the existing one.

I hope you consider enhancing the detail and precision of your designs with the Fillet feature!

Check out the video below to see it in action!


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Rachael Crunkleton
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