DraftSight: 2D Constraints, No Complaints

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As a new DraftSight user, I’m all for learning new tips and tricks to make my CAD drawing more efficient and accurate. I’m a big fan of the preset Polyline features that allow me to draw perfect rectangles and polygons, but the entities they create are not always as easy to personalize – compared to the ones made by Line features.

Fortunately, while browsing the ribbon, I found myself under the Constraints tab, and discovered exactly what I’d been searching for. Constraint icons create relationships between points and entities, allowing you to easily alter the configuration of your designs at any time.

There are quite a few icons offering constraints, which are conducted similarly, yet generate very different results. So, I’ll be focusing the next couple of blogs on navigating and applying these features!

First up is the Coincident constraint, which makes a relationship between two points. This feature will ensure that the points you select are connected at all times – no matter how else you change your design.

Coincident is activated by clicking on its icon in the ribbon, selecting the two points you want to be linked, and pressing enter. Keep in mind that the order that you select the points matters: the second point selected will be moved to the first point selected.

Next up are the Parallel, Perpendicular, and Collinear features, which are all neighbors to the Coincident icon under the Constraint tab in the ribbon. They’re all conducted the same way, and make relationships between entities that reflect what their names suggest. In all cases, the order of the selected entities matters.

Stay tuned for the next blog to cover more Constraint features!

Check out the videos below to see the DraftSight Coincident, Parallel, Perpendicular, and Collinear Constraints in action!

(Coincident 0:00, Parallel 0:03, Perpendicular 0:09, Collinear 0:15)


2D Constraints features are only available in DraftSight Premium and DraftSight Enterprise Plus – learn more.


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I’m a first time CAD user with an interest in architectural design. I discovered CAD through my background in presenting applications and studying new types of software. With the help of DraftSight, I’m developing my drawing abilities and sharing my progress along the way.
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