DraftSight: 2D Constraints, Continued Restraints

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Continuing on the theme of exploring DraftSight‘s 2D Constraints, this post will be focusing on the Tangent, Symmetric, Concentric, and Equal icons.

As mentioned previously, the constraint features create relationships between your points and entities to aid in the accuracy, aesthetic, and time efficiency of your designs.

Each constraint function is located under the Constraints tab in the ribbon, and is activated by selecting its icon, and clicking on the points or entities in revision.

For example, when selecting the Tangent icon, it will effortlessly produce a tangential relationship between a circle, ellipse, or arc, and a line or another curved entity – which would be a finicky task to draw, and maintain, by hand.

The Symmetric icon works slightly different compared to the other features, because it involves selecting three entities. After clicking its icon in the ribbon, DraftSight will prompt you to select the object you want to be reflected, the entity you want to reflect the symmetric object, and the line of symmetry.

The Concentric feature installs a relationship between two circles, ellipses, or arcs, so that they share the same center location. The Equal icon makes any two entities exactly the same. I’ve found both of these features to be especially helpful when drafting a space with furniture, or intricate details that involve consecutive precise measurements.

Side note: just like the constraints in the previous blog, the order of the entities selected matters – the second selected entity will move accordingly to the first one.

I hope this post encourages you to experiment with more DraftSight Constraints!

Check out the video below to see them at work!

(0:00 Tangent, 0:04 Symmetry, 0:12 Concentric, 0:17 Equal)


2D Constraints features are only available in DraftSight Premium and DraftSight Enterprise Plus – learn more at DraftSight.com!

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