DraftSight: Shine your Polyline

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Whenever I start a new draft, I always find it comforting knowing that I can make alterations and adjustments to my entities as I go along. So, after covering DraftSight’s different Line options in my last post, I thought I’d highlight how you can customize your drawing’s Polylines as well.

The Edit polyline icon is located under the Modify section in the ribbon. Once selected, DraftSight will prompt you to specify the polyline of revision and list multiple editing options.

If you type “E” into the command window, it instructs DraftSight to alter the vertex of your Polyline. Again, you’ll be prompted with multiple options specifying your edit. If you select “V” and close the command, a vertex will be added to the midpoint of your line.

Alternatively, if you type “A” into the command window, your straight Polyline will be converted into a curved line.

As always, if you change your mind, DraftSight makes it super easy to revert your arced Polyline back into a line – by reselecting the Edit Polyline icon and choosing the Decurve option.

Likewise, by typing “T” into the command window after selecting the Edit polyline icon, you can taper the width of your line. You’ll be instructed to specify the starting and ending width of your Polyline, then exit the command, and you’ll be left with a perfectly tapered line.

Lastly, if you run Edit Polyline and select a simple line, DraftSight gives you the option to transform that line into a polyline. Then, you can add segments to your polyline by typing “J” into the command line, and highlighting other simple lines you’d like to conjoin.

I hope this post encourages you to experiment with the Edit polyline features!

Check out the video below to see them in action!

(0:00 vertex, 0:00 arc, 0:41 decurve, 0:52 taper)


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