DraftSight: Position and Point (your Dimensions)

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Once I’ve created my own preset Dimension Style (covered in the last blog), I often still find myself wanting to make minor tweaks to certain measurements to improve their appearance and flow with the rest of my drawing.

Luckily, located under the Annotate tab in the Dimensions section of the ribbon, DraftSight has multiple features that can alter the configuration of your dimensions with just one click.

For example, this post will be focusing on the Angle, Left, Right, Center, and Align Text, Reset features, which are all located under the same icon.

The Angle, Left, Right, and Center operations do exactly what their names suggest – they instantaneously orient the text in your dimensions to your chosen angle or position. They’re activated by simply clicking on your option of choice and selecting the dimension you want to edit!

As always, if you get cold feet about the revisions you’ve made, DraftSight allows you to easily revert your dimensions back to their original positioning. Just click on the Align Text, Reset feature and select the edited dimensions you want to undo.

I hope this post encourages you to continue experimenting with DraftSight’s Dimension options!

Check out the video below to see these features in action!

(0:00 Angle, 0:06 Left, 0:11 Right, 0:15 Center, 0:19 Align Text, Reset)


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