DraftSight: Dimension Intervention! (Continued)

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We may be nearing the end of my posts on DraftSight’s Dimension editing icons, but I’ve saved some of the best for last!

Positioned under the Annotate tab in the Dimension section of the ribbon, each of these features enhances your productivity and efficiency during the drawing creation in just one click.

Starting with the Continue and Baseline options located under the same icon, both functions quickly extend a new Dimension from an existing one in your design.

The only difference between the two is that one continues a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the second extension line of the previous dimension, while the other continues a dimension from the first extension line (or baseline) of the previous dimension line.

Keep in mind that both can also extend from a selected dimension, not just the previous one.

Next up is the Smart Leader feature, which allows you to add a defined label to a certain point – boosting the detalization and clarity of your work. It’s activated by simply selecting the feature, specifying your point, the position of the label, and adding your text!

Lastly, the CenterMark feature does exactly what you would expect it to – it inserts crossing centerlines of circles and arcs by just clicking on its icon, and selecting your curve of choice. I’ve found this especially convenient when aligning new entities to existing arced objects in my drawings.

As always, I hope this post encourages you to incorporate DraftSight’s Dimension options in your daily designs!

Take a look at the video below to see these operations in action!

(0:00 Continue, 0:07 Baseline, 0:12 Smart Leader, 0:24 CenterMark)


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