DraftSight: Dimension Prevention! Pt.2 (Dimensional Constraints)

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Since my last post on Dimensional Constraints, these icons have become some of my most frequently used DraftSight features. They secure important relationships between my entities, ensuring success in the development of my designs.

Recapping last blog, the Convert feature transforms regular linear dimensions into dimensional constraints, and the Angular feature inserts dimensional constraints to corners of your choice.

I find these operations especially convenient when making particular measurements, because I can double click on my dimensional constraints and specify the values of each dimension.

Starting with the Linear feature, it defines a horizontal or vertical dimension between the selected midpoints or angles of your entities, and then maintains the linear slope between them.

Likewise, located under the same icon, the Horizontal and Vertical constraints do exactly what their names suggest – they define the horizontal or vertical dimensions between the selected midpoints or angles of your entities, and then preserves that horizontal or vertical distance apart.

Finally, the Aligned feature inserts a distance dimension (that’s not strictly vertical or horizontal) between two midpoints or angles, and maintains that distance between them.

Keep in mind that after selecting these icons, DraftSight lists options for you to specify whether your dimensional constraints adhere to points, lines, or entities.

Check out the video below to see these dimensional constraints in action!


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