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While exploring the Home tab of the ribbon, I noticed the Groups section with multiple icons I hadn’t used before. Based off their names, I wondered if they would function similarly to DraftSight’s Block operations.

So, I did some experimenting, and found that the Group icons allow you to join multiple objects into one entity. Now, you might be saying to yourself that creating a Block does the same, which technically it does – but there is a distinguishing factor between the two that I’ll reveal to you in this post.

But first, let’s discuss the basics: A group is created by selecting the entities you’d like to conjoin and pressing the Quick Group icon.

Once a group is made, you can use the Edit EntityGroup feature to add and remove entities, and rename your group – by simply clicking the icon, selecting your group, and specifying the alteration you’d like to make.

And as always, DraftSight has a Quick Ungroup icon, in case you decide against your revisions.

Unlike Blocks, when you decide to change a single group using the Edit EntityGroup, duplicates of that group in your drawings will not be effected by those alterations.

In this sense, Groups are more easily manipulated in the drawing window, whereas Blocks act more like set templates in your designs.

I hope this post encourages you to incorporate Groups in your DraftSight drawings!

Check out the video below to see Groups in action!

(0:00 Quick group, 0:14 Remove entity, 0:35 Add entity, 0:48 Rename, 0:59 Ungroup)


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