DraftSight: Region Adhesion!

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From a new drawer’s prospective, DraftSight’s functions that make the designing process more efficient and accessible are my favorite features to discover. In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the Region icon in the Draw section of the Home tab in the ribbon, which makes conjoining objects and trimming boundaries of entities easier than ever.

The Region feature is activated by simply selecting its icon and highlighting the entities you want to be treated as one. Once a region is created, it can be copied and pasted like any other single entity.

Likewise, DraftSight makes it super easy to alter its perimeter and shape by typing Union or Subtract into the command window. I would describe the Union and Subtract commands as the Power Trim features for regions.

For example, after specifying the Union command, you’ll first select separate entities inside your region to combine. Then you’ll press enter, and the overlapping segments inside their borders will disappear, making them into one larger entity.

Similarly, after specifying the Subtract command, you’ll select a base entity and press enter. Then you’ll select overlapping entities that you want to delete from your base entity, press enter, and voila! Keep in mind that order matters when operating this command!

I hope this post encourages you to utilize the Region icon for quick Union and Subtraction from your drawings!

Check out the video below to see these features at work!

(0:00 Base shapes, 1:10 Region, 1:14 Union, 1:28 Subtract)


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