DraftSight: Customize your Ribbon

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Throughout my DraftSight journey, I’ve mentioned how the ribbon is customizable, but I’ve never explained how to take advantage of this valuable feature. So, today’s post will finally uncover how easy it is enhance your drawing experience through a personalized ribbon command bar.

By locating the Manage tab and selecting the Interface button, a window will appear with an options panel on the left-hand side. When you choose Interface, you can create a new toolbar under the Quick Access Toolbars tab and name it whatever you’d like.

To customize that toolbar, scroll down and select Ribbon to expose the Tab and Panel options. Right click to create new tabs and panels, and then select the Show ribbon explorer icon located on the right-hand side. In the explorer, you can drag your new panel into your new tab.

Likewise, you can right click under your new panels to insert rows, and then drag your preferred features from the explorer into those rows.

Pro tip: don’t forget to take a look at the panel preview above the command explorer to see what your panel will look like in your finalized ribbon.

Lastly, return to the main Interface options panel and select UI Profiles. Then add a new workspace, which will ultimately appear in your user interface drop-down menu. Scroll down to Quick Access Toolbar to specify that you want your new workspace to use your new toolbar. Likewise, select Ribbon tabs, open the ribbon tab explorer and drag your new tab next to your new workspace, and then press OK.

Now, when you access the user interface drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of your DraftSight application, your new workspace will appear.

With a customized ribbon, you can configure all of your most used features in a way that best suits your drafting flow – increasing productivity and time efficiency.

I hope this post encourages you to customize your ribbon!

Check out the video below to see these steps in action!


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