DraftSight: Match and Isolate

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After mastering DraftSight’s layer command, mentioned in a previous blog, I started experimenting with different ways of separating my entities while drawing. I’ve found that zooming in on sections of my drafts can be very helpful, but doesn’t always give me the freedom and clarity I need.

That said, I’ve started incorporating the Select Matching and Isolate Entities commands into my daily design process, because they’re perfect for projects that require precise measurements and intricate details – like the interior layout of a building.

The Select Matching feature is activated by typing it into the command window, and specifying Settings to access a list of matching options. DraftSight allows you to match entities based off of multiple different qualities, like Entity Style, Layer, LineColor, LineStyle, and many more.

You can even select more than one option to narrow down the entities selected as much as you’d like. Then, press Ok, click on the entity in revision, and voila! All of the items that fit your chosen requirements will be highlighted.

Now that you’ve selected all of the entities you’d like to make alterations to, type Isolate Entities into the command window.

In doing so, DraftSight will make all of the unselected sections of your draft invisible, allowing you to zoom in and spread out while editing the entities you match selected. I find this feature especially helpful when I want to make edits to a tight space, because I don’t have to worry about messing up nearby entities when they’re hidden from isolation.

As always, you can easily revert your isolation by typing Unisolate Entities into the command window, and the hidden entities will reappear as normal.

I hope this post encourages you to Select Matching entities and Isolate them while drawing!

Check out the video below and DraftSight’s YouTube video to see them at work!


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Rachael Crunkleton
I’m a first time CAD user with an interest in architectural design. I discovered CAD through my background in presenting applications and studying new types of software. With the help of DraftSight, I’m developing my drawing abilities and sharing my progress along the way.
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