DraftSight: Tangent Option Adoption

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Today’s post covers two commands that enhance the productivity and efficiency of your DraftSight experience. More specifically, both functions entail using points of tangency to quickly create circles in the size and position of your liking.

Located under the Draw section of the Home tab in the ribbon, the Tangent, Tangent, Radian, and Tangent, Tangent, Tangent features are the final options in the Circle icon’s drop-down menu.

These operations ease the time consuming and tedious task of adding tangent detail to entities in your designs, by allowing you to do so in just a matter of clicks.

When selected, the Tangent, Tangent, Radian command prompts you to specify two points of tangency for your circle.

You’ll then define the size of its radius by either typing a length into the command line or drawing a line of your preferred size in the display window. Once specified, a circle with your given tangency and radian parameters will instantly appear.

Likewise, the Tangent, Tangent, Tangent feature is operated exactly how its name leads on – by simply specifying three points of tangency, and you’re good to go!

I hope this post encourages you to incorporate more circle drawing options into your DraftSight routine!

Take a look at the video below to see them at work!


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