DraftSight: Design with Splines

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In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the Spline feature, which allows you to create smoothly curved lines through any sets of fit points.

More specifically, Spline creates curves that are more flexible and easily manipulated, compared to the more structured and rigid trajectories drawn by the Arc command.

The Spline feature is located under the Center icon’s drop-down menu in the Draw section of the Home tab in the ribbon.

When selected, DraftSight first prompts you to specify the starting point of your spline, and then the rest of your preferred through points. Once you’re satisfied with your design, press enter, and you’ll be asked to define your starting and ending tangencies.

Pro tip: if you want your spline’s initial and ending tangencies to be perfect vertical or horizontal lines, turn on your Ortho in the Status-Bar.

And as always, DraftSight makes it super easy to edit and revise your Splines. Simply highlight your spline to reveal each of its through point vertices. When selected, any through point curve can be clicked and dragged to your liking.

Keep in mind that you may want to turn off your ESnap while altering your splines, to ensure that you have full control over your cursor, and it’s not attracted to any certain position.

I hope this post encourages you to start using Splines in your DraftSight designs!

Check out the video below to see one in action!


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I’m a first time CAD user with an interest in architectural design. I discovered CAD through my background in presenting applications and studying new types of software. With the help of DraftSight, I’m developing my drawing abilities and sharing my progress along the way.
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