DraftSight: The Scoop on Block Attribute Pt. 1

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Furthering the idea of increasing detail and clarity in your DraftSight designs, this post will be covering the Block Attribute feature. This tool allows you to attach important information to block entities in your drawings. More specifically, it defines object manufacturers, styles, costs, and more in a discrete and organized manner.

The Define Block Attribute icon is located in the Block Definition section of the Insert tab in the ribbon. When selected, a window appears containing four sections of settings for your new attribute – including Display, Position, Text settings, and Behavior.

In the Display section, you’ll be prompted to name your attribute, caption it, and set its default value. The name could be anywhere from a unit number to an object size. Likewise, the example in the video below even lists attributes for height and width measurements.

Similarly, in the Position section you can check the Specify later box to select the placement of your attribute directly in the drawing window, or you can specify specific coordinates by typing them into the X, Y, Z boxes.

The Text settings and Behavior options determine the appearance of your attribute in the graphics display. For example, you can change your TextStyle, Justification, Height, and Rotation, along with whether or not your attribute is hidden once it’s attached to a block.

Once you’re satisfied with your Block Attribute Definition settings, press OK, and your Block Attribute will appear in the drawing window.

I hope this post encourages you to experiment with Block Attribute in your DraftSight designs! Check back for next blog on how to connect your new Block Attributes to Block entities!

Take a look at the video below to see the creation of a Block Attribute!


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