DraftSight: Label with Table Pt. 3

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Finishing off the blogs on the Table feature, this post will be covering a function that I discovered while browsing the DraftSight YouTube channel.

More specifically, I found a tutorial that details how to export your DraftSight tables into Excel files – which I thought would be a common progression (after mastering table insertion).

That said, the past couple of blogs focused on Table, customization, and cell formulas to increase the quality and efficiency of your embedded data. They also emphasized that creating tables enhances the overall clarity of the portrayal of your vision, by listing important information regarding any aspect of your designs.

Likewise, this post will be highlighting a feature known as the Export Table command – which not only boosts your time efficiency, but also reduces your proneness to inaccuracies while transporting your information into Excel.

Located in the Tables section of the Annotate tab in the ribbon, the Export Table icon is situated farthest to the right. When selected, DraftSight will prompt you to click on a single Table in your graphics display.

Once your table is specified, a save file window will pop up, allowing you to choose your save location, its file name, and the type of document you’re creating. Keep in mind that the DraftSight YouTube video exports to an excel file, but you’ll also have the option to save as a CSV file.

Simply, press Save when you’re satisfied with your chosen options, and voila! Your table will be pasted into your file of choice.

I hope this post encourages you to use the Export Table feature to save time while documenting your projects in DraftSight!

Click this DraftSight YouTube Tutorial Link to see Export Table in action!


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