DraftSight: Explode vs. Remove Attribute

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Today’s post will be covering Remove Attribute, which functions similarly to the Explode feature, in that it explodes Attributes from their Block entities.

To recap, in previous blogs I’ve mentioned drafting moments where breaking polylines using the Explode feature is necessary or convenient – like when Power Trimming or adding Smart Dimensions.

Likewise, both Explode and Remove Attribute are located in the Modify section of the Home tab in the ribbon and are activated using the same quick procedure.  Simply, select your icon of choice, specify your entity (by clicking on it directly in the graphics window), press enter, and voila!

Now for the difference between the two – Explode breaks down any type of entity, while Remove Attribute only breaks down Block Attributes.

That said, while both Explode and Remove Attribute can separate your Block entities from their Attributes, each command produces varying outcomes in the labeling of your lone-standing Attributes.

More specifically, when using Explode, your attributes will revert back to their initial text form, rather than their set values – whereas Remove Attribute will retain your attribute’s block value appearance.

Thus, Remove Attribute is especially convenient if you’re looking to maintain the visibility of your Attribute’s values in the drawing window, while still separating them from their Block entity.

I hope this post encourages you to experiment with Remove Attribute in your DraftSight designs!

Check out the video below to see the Explode and Remove Attribute features in action!


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