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Following my blog on View Tiles, today’s post will be covering similar commands that allow you to display the graphics windows of multiple different drawings at the same time.

More specifically, it tiles your opened drawing tabs in a configuration of your choice, allowing you to view and edit various drafts side-by-side. This is especially convenient when working on related projects simultaneously, because you can keep your drafts separate, while still easily coordinating certain aspects of their designs.

Keep in mind that by default, when you open multiple drawings in one DraftSight window, they appear as separate tabs positioned below your feature ribbon. You can switch between these tabs with ease, but you can only view one drawing at a time – this is exactly what the Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically features change.

Located in the Windows section of the View tab these icons alter the arrangement of your drawing tabs, so that their separate drawing windows share the same graphics space.

Starting with the Cascade command, when selected, this icon will layer your separate drawing windows in an overlapping, descending fashion. Likewise, Tile Horizontally organizes your drawing windows horizontally in the graphics display, whereas Tile Vertically places your windows side-by-side.

Side note: you can always customize the length, width, and location of your drawing windows in the graphics display by simply clicking and dragging their edges to your liking.

I hope this post encourages you to draft with multiple Drawing Windows in DraftSight!

Check out the video below to see these icons in action!


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