DraftSight – Drawing Tabs: Up for Grabs

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Following my last blog on Window Tiles, today’s post will be focusing on the final two icons located in the Windows section of the View tab in the ribbon – Drawing Tab and Opened Drawings. When used together, these features function as an alternative to DraftSight’s default exposed drawing tab panel.

Starting with the Drawing Tab icon, this command is another way for you to apply your personal preferences to your DraftSight window. More specifically, it hides or shows the drawing tabs of your opened drafts in just one click.

I often prefer to hide my drawing tabs, because it widens my graphics display and shortens my ribbon, giving my drafting workspace a less cluttered appearance.

Likewise, I always apply this command when using Window Tiles, because all of my open drawings are already clearly visible – defeating the purpose of having an exposed drawing tab.

However, if your drawing windows aren’t tiled, you may be wondering how you would switch between your open drafts without having exposed drawing tabs – this is where the Opened Drawings icon comes in.

Positioned next to the Drawing Tab feature, the Opened Drawings icon expands a drop-down menu listing all of your opened drafts. When you select a drawing in the menu, it’ll become your current drawing in your graphics display – just like selecting a draft in your drawing tabs would.

I hope this post encourages you to use Drawing Tab and Open Drawings in your daily drafting!

Check out the video below to see what they can do!


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