DraftSight: Welding Symbols

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Today’s blog will be covering a feature in DraftSight’s toolbox that adds clarity and detailed information to your drawings. It’s located in the Symbols section of the Toolbox tab in the ribbon, and is accessed by selecting the Welding Symbols icon.

This command is especially advantageous, because it portrays your lengthy welding information using a compact symbol format, rather than written text. In doing so, DraftSight takes up the least amount of space in your graphics display, keeping the components of your illustrations organized and precise.

More specifically, it specifies welding points in your designs, by using universal symbols that indicate your individual requirements – such as weld type, size, joint configuration, and more.

Upon selection, the Welding Symbols icon will expand an options window, prompting you to specify your symbol preferences.

The drop-down menus each determine different aspects of your weld, including its Display, Symbol, Finish, and Contour type. You’ll also have the option to insert your Size & number, Length & pitch, and Angle & root.

Likewise, the Abbreviation drop-down menu lists specific welding types you can choose from, or you can manually input your own abbreviation by selecting the Text option. Lastly, the Field weld, All around, and Stagger boxes indicate where your welding should take place.

As always, press OK when you’re satisfied with your entered information, and you’ll be prompted to specify your start point (or where your welding point is located in your drawing).

Then, you’ll select an endpoint, which will determine the position and length of your leader attached your welding symbol – and your detailed symbol will appear!

Side note: if you want to adjust the size of your symbol, simply right click and press Scale to adjust it to your liking.

I hope this post encourages you to insert Welding Symbols in your DraftSight designs!

Check out the video below to see one at work!


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