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Today’s post will be covering the Holes section of DraftSight’s toolbox tab. As always, its features do exactly what its section name suggests – they define holes in your entities indicating the location and size of different screws, washers, and bolts in your designs.

I find DraftSight’s predefined hole options to be especially convenient, because they instantly insert regimented labels into my work – enhancing the clarity and productivity of my drafts.

When you select the Insert… icon, a holes option window will appear with designated types listed on the left side – including Counterbore, Countersink, Thru Hole, Tap and Slot. Each type offers different standards and properties for you to specify.

As always, once you’re satisfied with your entered information, press OK, and you’ll be prompted to specify your hole’s destination and angle directly in your graphics display. Likewise, you can place as many duplicates of your personalized hole in your design – just press enter or escape when you’re ready to exit the command.

DraftSight also makes it super easy to edit the characteristics of your holes at any time. Simply, select the Edit icon in the same section of the ribbon and specify the hole in revision. This will open a window listing its property values. By clicking Edit… located in the lower right corner, you’ll reopen your hole’s original options window and have the ability to make any changes you see fit.

Pro tip: if you want to edit multiple or all of your drawing’s holes at once, just select one of those options in the Entity Edit section of the Edit… window, and make changes as you would for a single entity.

I hope this post encourages you to add Holes in DraftSight! Look out for next blog on how to insert directory tables for the holes in your designs!

Check out the video below to see Holes in action!


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