DraftSight: Rule with Power Trim Tool

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Today’s post will be revisiting a feature I discussed early on in my DraftSight journey – the Power Trim tool.

I recently discovered a more efficient and quick way to use this command, which has been a huge game changer in my drafting routine. So, I thought I’d update the blog to share my epiphany.

As a recap, when I first posted on Power Trim, I described the feature as finicky – which probably should’ve been a red flag, considering DraftSight’s commands are usually pretty easy to learn. That said, after mastering the Trim tool, I was accustomed to selecting the lines I wanted to trim by single-clicking directly on my entities in the drawing window.

When you do this with Power Trim, DraftSight highlights the portion of your line that’ll be trimmed in blue. Likewise, the blue portion’s location is dependent on where you select your entity from.

This can get super fussy if your entity is a polyline, or you want to trim the middle portion of your line. So, I often found myself just using the regular Trim tool to avoid any mishaps on more detailed designs.

Until, one day I selected the Power Trim tool in the ribbon, and just happened to accidentally press down on my mouse and drag my cursor in the graphics display. This is when the magic happened – a thin line was drawn and then disappeared when I unclicked.

Not only that, but the entity overlapping with my Power Trim path was also erased. And, the best part is, only the portion between my crossing lines disappeared – not the entire entity.

With this Power Trim method, I can edit my entities with the most precision, in the least amount of time. I quickly run the command over my drawing and I’m good to go in seconds.

So, I hope this post encourages you to efficiently edit your DraftSight designs with Power Trim!

Check out the video below to see what it can do!


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