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After revisiting Power Trim last week, I realized that I skipped over the Corner Trim feature when learning and writing blogs covering the ribbon’s Modify section of the Home tab.

So, I did some experimenting and Corner Trim quickly became a frequently used command in my regular drawing routine. It enhances my drafting experience by specializing in cleaning up corners with overlapping lines in just a matter of clicks.

It’s operated by simply selecting the Power Trim icon’s drop-down menu and specifying Corner Trim. From there, DraftSight’s command window will prompt you to first specify the entity you want to trim, and then select the second curve (or line) for the command. This will instantly trim the overlapping portion of your converging lines into a perfect corner.

Keep in mind that just like the regular Trim tool and Power Trim tool, the location of your entities that you click on upon selection matters.

More specifically, the end of the first entity you click on will be the portion that remains as part of your final corner. Whereas, the end you do not select will be erased at the point of intersection with your second line.

And, same goes for where you select your second line in relation to convergence with the first.

Pro tip: Take a look at the video below to see what I mean about the location of my clicks determining the outcome of my corners!

Lastly, the Corner Trim feature shares the same “drawing eraser” ability as Power Trim. After selection of this command, you can just click and drag your cursor over portions of your entities that you want to be removed – instead of selecting your entities individually.

This can be a great option if you’re trimming corners of polylines, and don’t want to explode them into individual entities for trimming selection purposes.

I hope this post encourages you to start using Corner Trim in your daily drafting!

Check out the video below to see Corner Trim at work!


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