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As a new DraftSight user, I’m always searching for the best ways to produce and distribute my finished drawings.

That said, after learning how to create Drawing Templates, I was wondering if I could preinstall the correct printing settings into my designs, so that any person (whether they’re familiar with DraftSight or not) could easily print my drawings to scale.

Luckily, after some experimenting with DraftSight’s print settings, I discovered the ability to do exactly that – just print your designs to PDF.

In doing so, your drafts will be saved as PDF files with your correct drawing scale and print preferences intact – allowing you to bring your drawings to any print shop and have them perfectly printed to your liking.

In this sense, PDF files act as printing templates – pre-establishing your third party’s printing needs before they’ve even received your designs.

Simply select the Print icon in the upper left corner of your DraftSight application, or select the Print option under the DraftSight logo icon. This will open a Print Dialog Box, where you can specify your Printer Name as PDF, as well as your Paper Size, Scale, and Range.

When you’re satisfied with your entered information, press OK for a Save window to appear. Here, you can name your PDF file, press Save, and voila – your draft is ready for printing as a PDF file!

I hope this post encourages you to Print to PDF! Check out the video below to see a PDF file in the making!


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Rachael Crunkleton
I’m a first time CAD user with an interest in architectural design. I discovered CAD through my background in presenting applications and studying new types of software. With the help of DraftSight, I’m developing my drawing abilities and sharing my progress along the way.
Rachael Crunkleton

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