DraftSight: Get Properties and Coordinates

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Today’s blog will be continuing the posts on features in the Inquiry icon’s drop-down menu, by discussing the Get Properties and Coordinates commands in DraftSight. Both features allow you to access important information regarding the location and characteristics of your entities at any time.

Positioned in the Utilities section of the Manage tab, the Get Properties feature is activated by selecting it straight from the ribbon. Likewise, as mentioned in an earlier blog, the Get Properties command is synonymous with the List function when entered into the command line.

Once initiated, DraftSight will prompt you to specify your designated entity(s) and press enter. This will instantly open a separate command window listing various properties of your chosen entity, including its Layer, LineColor, LineStyle, LineWeight, etc. – so you’ll never be in the dark about the details of your designs.

Moving on to the Coordinate feature – it performs exactly how you would expect it to, revealing the coordinates of any point in your drawing window. Simply, select its command name under the Inquiry Icon in the ribbon, and DraftSight will prompt you to specify a point directly in your graphics display. Once specified, your point’s coordinates will be listed in the command line straightaway.

So, I hope this post encourages you to try out Get Properties and Coordinates! Look out for next blog covering more Inquiry icon features!

Check out the video below to see Get Properties and Coordinates at work!


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