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This blog will be finishing up the posts on the drop down menu of the Inquiry icon, by covering the Get Mass Properties command.

This feature is comparable to the Get Properties or List commands – but rather than displaying qualitative information about your Entities, it calculates quantitative information about the Regions in your designs.

Keep in mind that you must have a Region entity present in your drawing window in order for Get Mass Properties to operate.

That said, the Region icon is positioned in the Draw section of the Home tab in the ribbon, and when selected, you can highlight any closed group of entities. Then, simply press enter to convert that enclosed area into a Region.

Now that you have a Region in your graphics display, we can jump into the logistics of Get Mass Properties –

As previously mentioned, the Inquiry icon is located in the Utilities section of the Manage tab in the ribbon. When selected, multiple features concerning the size and properties of your designs are made visible.

From there, you can choose the Get Mass Properties option for DraftSight to prompt you to specify a Region entity directly in your graphics display. Then, like Get Properties, a separate command window appears, listing important information about your Region – including its Area, Perimeter, Bounding Box, Coordinates and more.

So, Get Mass Properties can be a huge time saver when working with Regions, because it instantly discloses crucial information, including a combination of the results given by the Coordinate and Get Area features (discussed in previous posts).

As always, I hope this post encourages you to use Get Mass Properties in your daily drafting!

Check out the video below to see what it can do!


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