DraftSight: Attach Image (Dare to Compare Pt. 2)

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Today’s blog will be furthering my post on the Draw Compare feature in DraftSight, by covering how to attach your saved Draw Compare images into your current drawing window. In doing so, DraftSight allows you to effortlessly view the differences between two of your saved drawings, without disrupting your regular drafting flow.

Keep in mind that when you attach images to your drawings, they’ll be imported as External References. That said, like normal References, your Images will not be included into your current drawing’s database – keeping your files from getting too large or containing unnecessary details.

The Attach Image icon is located under the Import Tab in the Import Tools section of the ribbon. When selected, DraftSight will open a Select File window, where you can choose your image of choice from your supported image files, and then press Open.

From there, you’ll be prompted with an Attach Reference: Image window, where you can browse previously inserted image names, specify your path type, and even position, scale, and rotate your Reference Image before insertion. As always, when you’re satisfied with your entered information, press OK.

Then, your Reference will either be inserted right away, or attached to your cursor, if you didn’t already specify its location and scale. If the latter, you’ll be prompted to do so, by clicking a position directly in your drawing window or by typing coordinates into the command line.

I hope this post encourages you to Attach Images into your DraftSight designs!

Check out the video below to see how easy they are to insert!


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