DraftSight: Auto-save and Backup

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Today’s blog is long overdue, because I’ll be covering DraftSight’s Auto-save and Backup features. These functions do exactly what their names suggest – systematically saving and protecting your drawings from being lost or deleted.

That said, I’ve found that having the right Auto-save and Backup settings is paramount in times of file crashes or other unexpected mishaps.

So without further ado – you can adjust your Auto-save & Backup preferences by selecting the Options icon in the Customization section of the Manage tab in the ribbon. This will open an Options window, where you’ll choose System Options and then specify Auto-save and Backup.

From there, two more tabs will be exposed – labeled Automatic save file location and Auto-save/backups.

When selected, the Automatic save file location reveals where your drafts are automatically saved to, and allows you to change that location – by simply clicking on the Browse icon, choosing  a new file, and pressing Select Folder.

Likewise, the Auto-save/backups tab displays three options regarding the details of your auto-saves.

The first is whether or not you want to Enable your auto-saves – which you should always have checked! And, you’ll then be able to specify the number of minutes between each auto-save.

The second setting is Save backup at each save – which prompts DraftSight to create a backup copy of the previously saved version of your file, every time you save your draft.

Lastly, the Use original format option ensures that your file is always saved to its original version type – rather than DraftSight’s latest supported version of that file type.

Keep in mind that Auto-save files use the .ds$ extension and Backup files use the .bak extension – so, if disaster strikes, you’ll just have to rename them to .dwg extensions to reopen them in DraftSight.

I hope this post encourages you to take advantage of DraftSight’s Auto-save and Backup features!

Check out the video below to view their settings in action!


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