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Superheat were founded on the principle that cutting-edge technology can offer a better way to provide on-site heat treatment solutions and are now a leading innovative heat-treatment provider.  You might be wondering what a heat-treatment provider is, well, simply put, heat treatment is the controlled heating or cooling of a component to alter its mechanical and physical properties. See, I old you it was simple!

So why would Superheat need to utilise the power of DraftSight? Well, until 2018, they used 2D diagramming software to create layouts for their heat-treatment quality packages and then SOLIDWORKS® 3D design software to develop more specialised and sophisticated heat-treatment designs.  However, the 2D software that Superheat used had its limitations. For example, it couldn’t read industry standard DWG cad files, it also did not allow for the editing and manipulation of drawing layers.  These limitations prompted Superheat to look for a replacement.

Through their use SOLIDWORKS 3D design software to complete special projects, they became aware of DraftSight. After trying the software, Superheat then purchased multiple copies of DraftSight Professional as a replacement for their original 2D diagramming software . They chose DraftSight Professional software because it is familiar to and easy to use by engineers with experience using AutoCAD® software, is a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD, and is fully compatible with the SOLIDWORKS 3D design system.

Brent Walton explains. “In addition to reading in customer DWG files, we needed the capability to manipulate drawing layers, which allows us to then remove our sensitive IP from drawings that we deliver to our customers or charge them if clients choose to purchase drawings containing all layers as part of their heat-treatment solution.” This was just not possible with their previous solution.

Some of the benefits Superheat experienced after their move to DraftSight include the following:

  • Faster Design, Greater Design Reuse.
  • Increasing Throughput While Minimising Errors.
  • Supporting Growth with 2D and 3D.

For a more in-depth look at this customer story, why not check out the original article here. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will bring you some more customer stories, so stay tuned!

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