Pushing the Possible in Yacht Design: GPNA S.R.L. and DraftSight®

Griscia Pastacaldi, a former Italian navy technical officer and talented naval architect designer and mechanical engineer, launched his naval architecture and yacht design consulting firm Griscia Pastacaldi Naval Architecture (GPNA) in 2018.

GPNA creates high-quality, aesthetically pleasing innovative yacht designs for a variety of clients. Pastacaldi’s team prides themselves on providing clients with top-notch technical support in addition to high-quality designs.

With roughly 90 percent of its efforts outsourced to external partners, GPNA needed a flexible, user-friendly 2D design application that enabled it to coordinate, communicate, manage, and collaborate on projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Finding a Better 2D Solution

Pastacaldi had used AutoCAD® and MicroStation® 2D design software early in his career, but eventually began looking for other tools when he discovered 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight 2D design software.

“In DraftSight, I found the intuitive, user-friendly interface that had been lost in AutoCAD,” Pastacaldi notes. “DraftSight is easy, fast, and user-friendly, and offers a wide view of the working area. I quickly found out that if you are able to use AutoCAD, you can immediately start using DraftSight. After evaluating several systems, I chose DraftSight 2D design software, which we use in concert with Rhino® 3D surfacing software, to create beautiful, but also well-engineered and reliable, yacht designs.”

Client satisfaction through clear drawings and effective communication

The ability to effectively communicate and share design ideas and drawings across the design team, as well as with customers and external partners is critical to GPNA’s development process.

“The flexibility of DraftSight for sharing information and data (typically in DWG format) across the design team makes yacht development more efficient, which is why I encourage my partners to use DraftSight. The software also ensures that we effectively communicate with customers at every step along the way,” Pastacaldi stresses. “Our clients always appreciate the clarity of our technical drawings and being kept apprised of our progress, which helps to increase customer satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal of our work.”

Designs 25 percent faster.

Development 10 percent cheaper.

Business growth up 20 percent a Year.

The process of delivering outfitting and structural designs for custom yachts—the first of which was 240 feet in length—with DraftSight enabled GPNA to accelerate development, control costs, and grow the business.

“Compared to the other 2D design systems that I’ve used—DraftSight enables me to save more time,” emphasizes Pastacaldi. “I estimate that working with DraftSight reduces design time by 25 percent, and because the software is less expensive than other solutions, I’ve also cut development costs by 10 percent.”

In addition, DraftSight is largely responsible for producing the efficiencies, flexibility, and communication capabilities GPNA relies on to fuel, support, and maintain a growth rate of roughly 20 percent each year.

“DraftSight is clearly innovative technology in its simplicity, intuitiveness, flexibility, and usefulness,” Pastacaldi notes. “With a productive tool like DraftSight, we are able to continue to push what is possible in yacht design.”

What can DraftSight do to help with your construction challenges? Visit the 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight product page or request a demo from your local reseller.

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