An Introduction to DraftSight 2D CAD – Part 2

In part one of this short series, we introduced you to some of the history of the art of drafting and the evolution of its tools. It’s truly amazing that we live in times of such change, and we’re proud to be leading the charge into the future.

In this post, we’ll look at the current state of CAD systems and how DraftSight has become a major player in today’s marketplace.

Modern CAD Systems

Today’s CAD systems typically share some commonalities but are often geared toward a specific task. Some are strictly generic 2D drafting tools, while others are 3D modeling design engines. Sometimes, the 2D and 3D platforms are blended, and some tackle specialized design needs, such as Mechanical, Architecture, Civil, Structural, Electrical, etc.

Other products have evolved into an advanced parametric 3D design and prototyping level, while others offer Building Information Modeling – or BIM – software for the AEC industry. In today’s world, many of the products you consume or the buildings you use have been entirely created and tested in a digital format before being built. This new paradigm allows the designer to quickly find conflicts or design flaws before manufacturing or construction, which creates a better and more cost-efficient product.

DraftSight’s Role in Today’s World

The generic 2D CAD market has progressed into a handful of major players. Dassault Systèmes entry is DraftSight 2023. Initially created as a companion to their popular 3D parametric software, SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight has been used by millions worldwide as their 2D CAD software of choice.

Thanks to its cost-effective entry point yet professional-level power, DraftSight is a perfect solution for many different applications.

  •        The Hobbyist

If you’re someone who needs some basic yet simple-to-use 2D CAD functionality to chase your passion, DraftSight is the perfect solution. Not only can you use it for less than a dollar per workday, but you’ll also enjoy more functionality than programs costing more than twice as much.


  •        The Small Shop Owner

Are you a sole proprietor or a part of a small business? Regardless of the industry they serve, these “Mom and Pop Shops” still need a professional grade 2D CAD program while continually watching their bottom line. Often, DraftSight Professional is the perfect solution for them.


  •        Medium Sized Firms

Most design departments find themselves in this category, often with (many) dozens of CAD seats across numerous departments. Over the years, these types of firms have developed a very efficient and highly customized design and drafting environment. Not only can they save some serious money by switching to DraftSight, but they can also experience a quick ramp-up while continuing to use the customizations that have made them so efficient. Saving money and a significant amount of implementation time savings is a win-win for them.


  •        Large Enterprise Organizations

Even the name “Enterprise” evokes a large number of users. Usually numbering in the hundreds or more, it’s no wonder the product that fits their scenario is DraftSight Enterprise. It has all the features of DraftSight Professional, along with a network license which can help reduce costs and add flexibility to the company’s licensing plan.  For example, perhaps your company has 200 casual CAD users who rarely need to access the product. Quite possibly, a network license for 75 would serve your needs just fine.


  •        Companies with Multiple Locations

Many large companies have offices spread throughout the country or even the globe (this could apply to smaller companies as well.) Large or small, they both need to easily collaborate and share project data on the cloud. 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight answers their needs by including the collaboration and data management functionality of Dassault Systèmes’ cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.  Easily access your design data anytime, anywhere, and on any device!


There are many options in the CAD market today. From highly specific parametric modeling programs to free, online, and cloud-based apps. As you’ve seen, DraftSight fits into the all-purpose, cost-effective, yet professional grade 2D drafting system group.

Whether you’re just beginning to evaluate CAD programs for your personal or business applications or you’re looking to save money on expensive subscription plans while maintaining your current level of productivity, DraftSight is the perfect choice.

Getting started is easy too, and it won’t cost you a thing. You can get a 30-day trial of DraftSight Premium and try it for yourself. Put it through the paces if you’re a seasoned pro, or just get to know it if you’re just starting out. Either way, we think you’ll find that DraftSight will be your choice for a do-everything 2D CAD program.

Proven DWG-file-based CAD at the best value on the market. DraftSight, brought to you by Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company, has been trusted by millions of users worldwide. DraftSight provides a familiar, intuitive 2D drafting experience with options for advanced productivity tools, 3D design capabilities, parametric constraints, and flexible licensing options including perpetual licenses and network licenses for organizations with multiple users or sites. DraftSight’s command and file compatibility and support for legacy drawings and data like Dynamic Blocks facilitate a quick transition from AutoCAD with a minimal learning curve. Visit to learn more.