What to Expect at DraftSight Live at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024 – Part One

The next 3DEXPERIENCE World is in Dallas, Texas, February 11 – 14, 2024. It’s the premier event for professionals in the AEC industry. If you’re a DraftSight user looking to upskill or someone thinking about switching your CAD software, DraftSight Live at 3DEXPERIENCE World is for you.

As the preferred choice across a range of industries, DraftSight has the best 2D and 3D CAD design and drafting capabilities on the market, making it a popular solution. We’ll show you the entire DraftSight portfolio and some groundbreaking tools you can use to make design and drafting easier.

Here’s part one of a brief summary of the sessions you will be able to attend:

Monday – Feb 12

DraftSight Keynote/Meet the DraftSight Team

Join us for an exclusive sneak peek into the newly launched DraftSight 2024, where you’ll discover the latest features, enhancements, and innovations that will reshape your 2D CAD experience. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with the brains behind DraftSight, featuring Technical Experts, Product Managers, R&D Managers, and Executives.

This session is your chance to engage with the experts, ask questions, share insights, and gain invaluable knowledge to help you advance your career.

DraftSight 2024 What’s New

Join us for a deep dive into DraftSight 2024’s new features and enhancements during this session. We will provide you with an in-depth overview of each feature so that you can maximize its potential.

As you work on your design projects, DraftSight 2024’s new features will make your work more efficient and your designs more captivating, no matter whether you are an expert in design, an engineer, an architect, or just a person who is passionate about drawing. We’ll even offer a second session you can use as a recap or if you just want a more condensed overview.

From Concept to Reality: Streamlining Design and Manufacturing with DraftSight, DELMIA, and CATIA

In this exciting session, you’ll learn how you can go from conceptualization to realization in the design and manufacturing world with the integration of DraftSight, DELMIA, and CATIA. Join us as we showcase the capability to import floorplans into DraftSight to efficiently create revisions while leveraging them with other Dassault Systemes products.

See how this integration unlocks the potential of these interconnected tools, fostering an environment that promotes innovation and efficiency in the expansive industrial design and manufacturing field.

Essentials for DraftSight Certification

If you’re looking to move your career forward, we’ll be offering a valuable session that will give you a comprehensive overview of the essential skills and knowledge required to attain a DraftSight certification.

This class will prepare you for certification success, encompassing foundational concepts, advanced functionalities, and pragmatic advice for streamlining drafting and design workflows in the DraftSight environment.

Tuesday a.m. – Feb 13

Voice of the User – Your Turn

We want you to be a part of this dynamic live session so we can hear directly from you. Customers can share their firsthand experiences, preferences, and insights with us in this session, and you can get involved in DraftSight’s continuous development.

Take part in an engaging conversation that puts your experiences front and center, ensuring that your voice is heard and actively shaping future development of DraftSight.


Wow! And that’s just about half of the exciting sessions we’ll be offering you at DraftSight Live at 3DEXPERIENCE® World 2024. Stay tuned right here to the DraftSight blog, and next, we’ll tell you about what you expect during the afternoon of the 13th and all day on Wednesday.

In the meantime, we suggest you avoid the rush and register for 3DEXPERIENCE® World 2024 today!

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