Designing Success – The Power of DraftSight CAD Certification

Picture yourself in a crowded market of design and engineering professionals. That’s how the current job market often feels, but how can you differentiate yourself from the masses? How can you demonstrate that you know your stuff? The answer is CAD certification.

Learn More about CAD Certification

This certification proves that you are highly skilled in using CAD, making you the go-to person for complex projects, or even helping you secure a better job. Obtaining certification helps you to stand out, get noticed, and demonstrate your commitment to being the best at what you do. It’s also a confidence booster since you know that you have passed a challenging exam and earned a badge.

*The first 500 to participate will gain access to a free DraftSight Associate certification exam! 

If this has sparked your interest, DraftSight’s CAD certification program provides substantial market value for several reasons:

Affordable Investment with Long-term Returns

The DraftSight Associate Exam costs $99*, which is an affordable investment for professionals at all stages of their careers. Compared to other certification exams in the CAD domain, this fee is relatively modest, especially considering the potential for career advancement.

*Users with a DraftSight license on Subscription get access to the DraftSight Associate exam for free as part of their Subscription Service benefits.

Broad Recognition and Versatility

Earning a DraftSight certification demonstrates a deep understanding of one of the industry’s most widely used CAD tools. This translates into real-world benefits, from better job prospects to opportunities for advancement within your current organization. Since DraftSight is widely used in professional settings, the certification is both relevant and respected across the design and engineering industries.

Comprehensive Skill Validation

The DraftSight Associate exam rigorously tests a wide range of skills essential for effective 2D design and drafting. From basic layout, design, drawing, and editing to advanced tools, the certification covers all significant aspects of CAD work. This broad skill validation ensures that certified professionals are well-equipped to handle complicated projects, making them more valuable to employers.

Enhanced Professional Development

Beyond the recognition, preparing for and obtaining CAD certification is a significant professional development journey. It encourages individuals to explore all of DraftSight’s tools and functionalities thoroughly. This continuous learning mindset is invaluable in an industry characterized by rapid technological advancements.

Preparing for CAD Certification

The comprehensive Getting Started with DraftSight course and DraftSight Tutorials provide everything you need to prepare for certification, from managing drawings in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to using essential tools for creating, modifying, and dimensioning designs. Learn to simplify your workflow with blocks and publish professional PDFs.

What to Expect – The Certification Exam

Thinking about taking the DraftSight Associate Exam? It’s a smart move for anyone looking to highlight their CAD skills. Once you’re ready to dive in, keep in mind you have an hour to tackle 41 questions. If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you have to wait 14 days before trying again. Once you earn that certification, it’s yours for life—there’s no expiration date. Just make sure you’re using DraftSight 2018 or later, which you can run on your desktop or through the DraftSight Connected app from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Be among the first 500 to participate and gain exclusive access to a free DraftSight certification exam! 

Here’s how to Claim your free certification exam:  

  1. Visit the EDU Space certification portal (link to be provided) and log in using your existing credentials or create a free 3DEXPERIENCE ID.  
  2. Navigate to “Catalog” > “Certifications” and select the green badge labeled “DraftSight Associate – 2D Design and Drafting.”  
  3. Click “Enroll Now” and confirm your enrollment.  
  4. Upon passing the certification exam, you’ll receive a digital badge through your Credly account.  

Get access to the free DraftSight Associate Certification today.

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