DraftSight 2017 SP1 Release

DraftSight 2017 SP1 is now available for download. This update contains improvements and fixes to some features within DraftSight (listed below), and also incorporates the Critical Hotfix we spoke about last week. Please note, if you have already installed the hotfix for a previous version of DraftSight, we encourage you to download DraftSight 2017 SP1 so you can benefit from the improvements in this service pack.

With the launch of DraftSight 2017 SP1, you can now purchase a 12-month subscription to DraftSight Professional for only $99. This includes access to the DraftSight API, additional interoperability, productivity, and customization tools, and product upgrades over the term of the subscription. Visit www.DraftSight.com/Professional to learn more and get it today.

There are no changes to the look and feel of DraftSight 2017 SP1, the menus and layout have both stayed the same. Improvements include:

Finally, a common question asked is “What system requirements do I need to run DraftSight?” To answer that, we’ve put together a table detailing the requirements for Windows, OSx and Linux versions of DraftSight.

Discover more about DraftSight and how you can boost your productivity with DraftSight Professional, a powerful 2D design solution for professionals that includes productivity tools and an API. www.DraftSight.com/Professional


DraftSight is a powerful, professional-grade 2D design and drafting software solution which provides a robust design experience. Download at www.DraftSight.com/Download.

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  • Arturo Martínez

    why Linux version is so heavy now?

  • g Morgan

    I downloaded 2017 sp 1 yesterday and suddenly cannot see hatches – new ones that i created or existing one already in the drawing. Help?? glen

  • Sean

    Is anyone else have issues with entity snap not working? Before the 2017 release everything was ok. Now when I draw a line the Esnap cue highlights an EntitySnaps (nearest,perpendicular,intersection) and I click to finish drawing the line. But the new line is not connected to the (nearest,perpendicular,intersection) it is longer or shorter. This error seems to be connected to EnitiySnaps because it occurs when dimensioning or moving lines. Anytime you want to snap to anything existing the accuracy is off.

    • Lodewijk Claus

      Same problem here.
      I installed it on my desktop and laptop. Laptop works fine but desktop is a dissaster.

    • Gordon

      One more for eSnaps not working

    • Dave

      I have the same problem on both my laptop & home desktop with Draftsight 2017, it’s frustrating because you see the yellow marker showing it found the entity and it even states the type of entity, but after you make the selection you see it snapped some distance away. Has anyone found a fix yet?

      • Gordon

        A temporary work round (in my case) was to select the appropriate individual snap.
        W7 32 bit

      • Scott

        I had same issue. Turned on Polar[F10] and the problem resolved.

    • Dick Hall

      I also have this problem. I work on a widescreen monitor and have the Draftsight window reduced to half the width. The problem goes away if I increase the window to full screen size. It was never a problem before 2017 release. It’s only a problem in Polar, but works fine in Ortho.

    • Barry

      Anyone found the solution to this problem??? its driving my crazy nothing is matching up its frustrating.

      • Gordon

        Turn off ETrack

    • MC

      Noticed this same issue with recent Draftsight update. It’s driving me
      nuts??? Looks like it tries to Esnap, but misses most of the time. My
      lines are no longer connected, and things are starting to get messy.
      Can’t deal with this…

      Have better luck selecting a Specific
      Esnap function, but this defeats the purpose of have the Auto-select for
      Esnap active. Any solutions or updates to this yet??

  • jay pryor

    Just downloaded the 2017 because my old version just quick working. The first modification I tried was offset. No matter what I enter it goes to a default of 1, anyone had problems like this?

  • Paul Aldous

    have just installed draftsight 2017 SP1.0 – still closing just like before! I get asked to register the software, so I enter my details, hit go and it closes on me!!

    • disqus_0oEA71C1fu

      We have a few users with the same issue. It just crashes after trying to activate. Some worked fine, some won’t work. Some using 32bit, some using 64bit. We’ve had to roll them back to 2016 with the hot fix.

      • Lyette Beckmann

        I have the same problem. Draftsight 2017 SP1 open and close immediately after I put the requests into activate window.

        • Barry Williams

          Ditto for me too. I tried running the HotFix but it said “None of the products defined in this hotfix are installed.” Has anyone addressed this issue?

        • Michael Katzmann

          On Fedora Linux 25 … also crash when trying to activate (after entering email, country etc … )

  • mathilde lamothe

    Hello every one, I’m using the new version of Draftsight 2017 and I have issues with the scale. (by the way I’m sorry for my english, i’m french engineer). Anyway, when you open a new sheet and you create a window you can change the scale only if the window is a squarre or a rectangle. Do you know how change scale when its a not some of this geométric forms ?

    Thanks for the response, I’m going to be crazy 🙁

  • frank90125

    HELP! I only use DraftSight occasionally when I need to get PDFs for DWGs of older projects. Last time was in March 2017, and it aborted as soon as I tried to run it. Went to website and found out I needed the SP1 upgrade which I installed, and everything was fine. Today I ran DraftSight to do a PDF for somebody – told me I had to re-register, which I did – DraftSight then opened, and I did the PDF – then I closed it and when I tried to re-open it, it aborted immediately so it’s broken again. I’ve uninstalled, powered down and up, reinstalled SP1 several times now, tried to run the patch (which says I don’t need it – as expected since I have SP1 installed) and same thing – double click, get the startup banner, then it just flashes and aborts immediately. HOW CAN I GET THIS FIXED??? Thanks! PS I’m on current version of Windows 10. THIS SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD!!!! B^) PS if anybody sees this knows of some other place I should be going to get help PLEASE let me know!!!

  • Ben Ossman

    My coworker has 2017 sp1 and he is still seeing the Entity snap not working correctly, however the workaround stated below to use the toolbar entity snaps seems to be working for now. 2017 sp0 does not seem to have this issue so I will not upgrade at this time.

  • Dave Tiessen

    Entity snap really isn’t working. This makes DraftSight more or less useless if your goal is to make accurate, quality drawings.

  • Zeynep Odabas

    I have serious problems with Draftsight 2017 (still with SP2).
    I select the items (lines, blocks, etc) click copy from the panel and then go to an other file and click paste – many of the objects were gone !! can not see them, don’t have any idea where they’ve gone. This is a very critical problem and I have to paste the objects one by one again. The working time doubles, I have to do the same works again and again, big waste of time.
    If any one face with such a problem and know the reason and solution I will appreciate.
    Also, snap entity function was perfect with older versions but with 2017 it is useless and this is an other serious problem.
    I kindliy ask to the software teams please go back to previous versions.

  • Mervyn Edwards

    I have used Draftsight for many years no problems. I have just installed SP2 on my Win10 system using a 4K monitor. It runs OK, but the work area is only a quarter of the screen so that my drawing only appears in the bottom left quadrant. Any changes I make to the drawing appear in totally random areas. So if I want to dimension an item, the dimension is wrong and appears in the middle of the drawing. SP2 on my laptop with Win7 and a 1280 screen works well , but I can’t read the small characters!

    Anyone else have this problem? – solution please

  • Junior Valadares

    Draftsight asks for activation every time. After that, the screen blinks and nothing happens. I have uninstalled e reinstaled version SP2 2017.

  • Enéas Lisbôa

    Hi everybody, I did some kind o foolishness trying to customize the interface and now a can’t reverse what I did, someone could help me to find the way to show again the ribbon tabs?
    I’m going deeper into the problem and now I think I can’t solve it without some help.