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In last weeks blog, we spoke about the PDF Import plugin for DraftSight Professional.  This week, we are going to talk about another plugin, the OnlineMaps for DraftSight plugin.

So, what does OnlineMaps for DraftSight do? Well simply put, it allows you to browse and insert maps into your DraftSight drawings.  To get started, you must first install the plugin.  Head over to the Graebert website and download the plugin. The plugin is available for various versions of DraftSight, but I’m sure that by now, you have all upgraded to DraftSight 2017 SP1! Once you’ve downloaded the install file, click on it and just follow the onscreen prompts to install.

Once installed, from the command line enter ONLINEMAPS. The first time you run the command, you may be met with the following screen.

If so, select the coordinate system you want to use, we just selected Use Default Projection. You then need to activate the software.

To do this, click on About and then Activate.

Again, just follow the onscreen prompts, fill in the requested details and pretty soon your plugin will e activated.

So, how do you use the software? Once the plugin is running, you’ll see the the Address box.  Enter in the area you are looking for, and click Locate. Once you’ve found the area you want, you can now select the type of map you want to install. On the bottom left of the plugin, you’ll see an option called Map Types. Click on it and select the type of map you want.

We are going to select Streets as our example.  Once happy with your selection, click on Insert Map.

The OnlineMaps for DraftSight plugin then goes and plulls down the map from the selected source and inserts it directly into your DraftSight drawing.

And that’s it, that’s how to insert maps directly into your DraftSight drawing.  No need to scan paper copies of maps and insert them into your drawing file.  It’s simple, quick and effective. Oh and best of all, the plugin is free!

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