Printing in DraftSight

Printing a drawing to scale in DraftSight can sometimes confuse new users. So, over the course of the next few blogs, we are going to do our best to simplify the whole process for you.

DraftSight has two distinct working spaces, Model Space and Sheet Space. Model Space is where you draw your design, plans, sketch… You generally draw at a scale of 1:1 also.  Sheet Space is where you lay out your drawing, insert your title block, create viewports, add notes and legends.

In todays blog, we are going to look at setting up your sheet size in your DraftSight Drawing. To do this, first right-click on the Sheet Tab and click on Print Configuration Manager.

Next, click on New and then click on OK.

In the file specification dialog box, type a file name for the new print configuration and click save.  In our example, we’ve called it Test.cfg

The Print Configuration dialog box will then load. From here, you can set the printer you want to use, you can select a paper size for your sheet, specify print scale of the sheet, select the print range and other additional options.

In our example, we have selected to print to the PDF printer on an ISO A1 sheet at a Scale of 1:1.  We also specified the area we wanted to print and told DraftSight to Print on center of paper

Once you are satisfied with your sheet settings, click on save and then click on close.  To activate and use the new sheet style on any sheet in your drawing, right click on your selected sheet and click on Print Configuration Manager. Next, select your sheet configuration and finally, click on activate.

Your sheet configuration is now assigned to your selected sheet.

And that is how, in a few easy steps, you set up a Sheet Configuration within DraftSight. Over the next few blogs, we will cover more aspects of printing in DraftSight, such as printing to scale, setting up viewports and setting scales within viewports.

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MJ Smyth
The first time I used CAD, it was on a DOS PC with an 8088 processor, 640K of memory and a Hercules Mono Graphics Card... That, well that was a long long time ago. I switched to DraftSight the day it was released and haven't looked back!
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  • Themomentyoureadmy Longname Ia

    Hi, I have a problem with the print configuration. It’s not saved directly to the cad file, rather, it’s saved into the pc, so, when someone tries to open it in their computer, the print configurations are lost and it becomes a disaster. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you very much!

  • Joe

    I need help printing to scale on larger paper. I do not have the printer at my disposal, I will have to take my computer with the drawings to the UPS store. They don’t know how to print on larger paper with the correct scale. Please help!!!!

  • florva

    hello, thank you for this detailled explanation!
    I have another question, related to the printing features..

    I’m used to work with autocad, and I was used to give a specific print style to a coloured layer, under CTB plot style. Does this function also exist in draftsight? where could I find it?

    • When you got to Print, there is an option in the Print Dialog Box that says Additional Options. Click on it and and under PrintStyle, select new. Give your PrintStyle a name, then click on Edit. You can then set Line Colors, Line Styles and Line Weights. Once it’s configured, don’t forget to save it. I hope that helps.

  • Andy

    I would like to know how to manually adjust the printable area frame or margins for my drawing in sheet space. When I select Print and the Print config options dialogue box appears I then select my printer, select paper size (8.5″ x 11″ landscape) and then select properties. In that dialogue box I don’t have the option to modify the margins. ACAD’s equivalent is the Device and Document Settings tab. Also, I notice in the preview pane in the Print config options that those margins don’t match those in the print preview box. I’ve been using the free version of Draftsight for the last month and my desktop is Windows 10 64 with a Cannon MG5520 printer. After searching for the last two days I’ve found lots of tutorial videos and articles but they are majority autocad. Does Draftsight have current videos, it seems most on youtube are 5-6 years old.