Have You Updated to Draftsight 2019 Yet?

You may or may not be aware that all previously free versions of DraftSight will no longer work as of Dec 31st 2019.  With that in mind, you may be thinking of upgrading to DraftSight 2019. If so, read on!

We’ve spoken previously about the different pricing structures for DraftSight 2019 and what functions are available in each version.  You can check that blog out here.

Depending on the version of DraftSight you choose, you can get DraftSight for as little as $99.00 a year.

If you are still using a previous “paid for” version of DraftSight, then why might you want to upgrade?  Well, let me go through some of the new features:

Missing from that list are the new 3D Features in DraftSight 2019 Premium and Enterprise Plus. We’ve written at length about those features and you can check out the series of blogs by following these links:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

There’s a lot of information in the links above, but I think they explain the new features of DraftSight 2019 in an easy to understand format.

So that’s it, that’s the case for upgrading to DraftSight 2019!


DraftSight 2019 for Windows® is offered in paid versions only.
Once you download and install DraftSight 2019 (free 30-day trial or purchased version), you will no longer be able to re-download or access any previous free version of DraftSight (2018 or earlier). All free versions of DraftSight (2018 or earlier) will cease to run after 12/31/2019.

Learn more about DraftSight 2019 here.








MJ Smyth
The first time I used CAD, it was on a DOS PC with an 8088 processor, 640K of memory and a Hercules Mono Graphics Card... That, well that was a long long time ago. I switched to DraftSight the day it was released and haven't looked back!