A Badge of Trust: DraftSight’s Customer Reviews Earned Top G2 Winter Honors

Something incredible has come our way—recognition straight from those who matter most to us: you, our users! The G2 Winter Awards have just rolled out, and we’re absolutely thrilled to share that thanks to DraftSight user reviews, we’ve earned several G2 Winter 2024 awards.

For those who might be new to this, the G2 Winter Awards are a bit like the People’s Choice Awards for business software solutions. These honors are based on feedback from real users – designers, engineers, and professional CAD enthusiasts who use our tools daily to create, design, and innovate.

Drumroll please…DraftSight has received G2 Winter Awards for:

  •        Leader (General CAD)
  •        Highest User Adoption
  •        Easiest to Do Business With
  •        Easiest Admin

Every review, every rating, and every piece of feedback has added up to this recognition, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Let’s dive into how DraftSight has earned these accolades from our users, and what this can mean for your own DraftSight journey.

Leading the Way in General CAD: How DraftSight Earned Its Place

DraftSight‘s leadership in General CAD stems from its deep understanding of CAD users’ needs, offering unmatched flexibility and powerful tools for projects, ranging from simple sketches to complex models. It’s a standout in both compatibility, easing collaboration across teams and industries, and its unique suite of productivity tools designed to cut down on repetitive work.

Here’s a look at a few of DraftSight’s exclusive tools:

  •        PowerTrim: Revolutionize trimming by allowing quick and accurate adjustments across multiple entities with a simple drag of your pointer.
  •        Toolbox Layers: Streamline layer management, enabling customized settings for each entity and enhancing organization and efficiency.
  •        Auto Dimension: Automate dimensioning with a bounding box approach, providing quick and precise measurements.
  •        Mouse Gestures: Customizable shortcuts, enabling instant access to frequently used commands with simple mouse movements.

These are just a small sample of the features that empower users to work smarter and more efficiently. Most CAD users are always looking for that little tweak, or just a better way to make their tasks easier or more efficient, all of which contributes to why DraftSight is seen by our customers as a leader in General CAD solutions.

What Makes DraftSight a Favorite: The Key to Our High User Adoption

DraftSight’s edge in the CAD market stems from its balance of advanced features, flexible licensing, and budget-friendliness. It offers capabilities that rival or surpass other 2D CAD products, but with more favorable terms, especially in licensing.

DraftSight’s cost effectiveness enables businesses to stretch their budgets further and expand their capabilities, through additional licenses, hardware upgrades, or other investments. Knapheide Manufacturing Company leverages DraftSight’s network licensing model to efficiently operate twenty licenses. “That licensing model, a lot of the competitors don’t have that. A lot of them have gone away from network licenses and you now have to re-purchase the license every three years. It’s just not sustainable for companies, and we are looking for a better solution. I think DraftSight provides that solution,” shares Martin Ohnemus, the PLM/CAD Administrator at Knapheide.

Clients like Bill’s Custom Fab have chosen DraftSight after thorough comparisons, citing its seamless integration with existing systems, and the significant improvement it brings to the company’s ROI in CAD investments. “DraftSight gives us all the 2D functionality and professional tools we require, doesn’t require training because it operates just like our legacy CAD, and supports profitability,” says David Yerks, Estimator at Bill’s Custom Fab. “By moving to DraftSight [Professional], we are significantly improving the ROI for our CAD investment.”

DraftSight’s popularity is rooted not just in its technical proficiency but also in its alignment with the practical and financial realities of businesses today.

How DraftSight Makes Working Together Easy

A key aspect of DraftSight’s ease of use is the purchasing flexibility it offers. DraftSight offers a choice of standalone products, shared network license products, and cloud products.  Whether you prefer the convenience of buying online (standalone products) or the personalized enterprise support of working with a reseller (network license and cloud products), DraftSight offers a choice of products and accommodates your preferred method of purchase and support.

Highlighting the collaborative spirit of DraftSight, Martin Ohnemus from Knapheide emphasizes the value of direct communication and feedback, illustrating how DraftSight not only listens but actively implements customer input to enhance its software. “It is a partnership, having the ability to talk to the DraftSight team. We have the opportunity to discuss the software with the DraftSight team and the improvements that you guys have made, just the DraftSight team taking our feedback and other customers’ feedback and making that a reality. That is why we’re here,” shares Ohnemus. Customer-centricity is a cornerstone of DraftSight’s approach.

Simplifying Administration: What Makes DraftSight Stand Out

CAD administrators appreciate DraftSight’s ease of use and efficiency-boosting capabilities. A highlight for administrators is its network licensing for Enterprise users, making software deployment and upgrades easier and more efficient.

When it comes to transitioning to a new CAD solution, ease and speed are critical. DraftSight’s intuitive user interface and familiar commands facilitate a rapid transition, typically in hours rather than days. This means minimal downtime for teams transitioning to DraftSight, as its similarity to other CAD systems minimizes the need for training. Administrators also can rest easy, knowing that all legacy 2D CAD drawings can open and be edited in DraftSight.

Another critical advantage of DraftSight is its support for LISP language macros and routines. This is particularly valued by long-term CAD users who have developed custom macros to automate drawing creation. By allowing the continuation of these established routines, DraftSight not only maintains but enhances efficiency and productivity, resulting in substantial cost savings and smoother workflows.

DraftSight stands out in the CAD world by addressing the practical needs of administrators and users alike, combining user-friendly design with powerful, adaptable tools that streamline the CAD management process.

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