Why DraftSight users should attend SOLIDWORKS World 2019

If you are a DraftSight user — or considering switching to DraftSight — attending SOLIDWORKS World 2019 in Dallas (February 10-13, 2019) will definitely be worthwhile. As I wrote about in a previous post (A Sneak Peak of DraftSight 2019), not only will SOLIDWORKS World 2019 be the showcase for the debut of DraftSight 2019, but the total presence of DraftSight at the conference will be increased from years past. There is now a DraftSight track of sessions, with something for users at every experience level.

I’ve attended several SOLIDWORKS World events over the years, and have found it to be an amazing resource, not only for learning more about products and services but also for connecting with like-minded engineers and designers. It is also a time for inspiration. I remember when Richard Branson was a keynote speaker in 2009. He stayed on stage as a few inventors showed off their work. When someone presented a prototype of a neonatal incubator assembled from car parts, he was astounded. “Africa needs that!” Branson kept saying. “I need to get those incubators to Africa right now!”

Let me share with you some of the key DraftSight sessions and the people behind them.

Don Glaske is noted in the SOLIDWORKS universe as a teacher and technical support champion. He was named 2014 SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader of the Year. He will be teaching “DraftSight for the AutoCAD User”  on Monday, Feb. 11 and Wednesday, Feb. 13. Don’s session will cover the transition from AutoCAD to DraftSight, with an emphasis on the low learning curve needed to make the transition. Don will cover the ways AutoCAD and DraftSight are similar, and point out SOLIDWORKS-related behaviors inside DraftSight. This session will give you a better sense of how DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS can be used in the same workflow. 


Wai-Ming Chu, a senior product portfolio manager at Dassault Systèmes, will lead an in-depth session on the new  features in DraftSight 2019 (Monday, Feb. 11). The goal of this release is to enhance product usability and productivity. One to three years of DraftSight experience is recommended for attendees, but all who are interested in DraftSight may attend. 



The new DraftSight Cloud gets its own session session, taught by Vivek Allu, an associate portfolio technical manager at Dassault. DraftSight Cloud allows users to access, share, and modify files online, anywhere, at any time. This breakthrough browser-based product opens the door to new methods of collaborative design, easier ability to share drawings, and a full set of 2D viewing/editing capabilities. The session will also cover the relationship between DraftSight Cloud and Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform. There will be plenty of time for question/answer, and I’m told there might be a few prizes given away. This session is rated as suitable for all DraftSight users. (Monday, Feb. 11)


“A CAD Journey: From 2D Drawings to 3D Models to Simulation” is a session to be presented by Andreas Kulik, the senior executive in charge of the DraftSight portfolio. He will show how to move from 2D plans and images to 3D drawings from within DraftSight, how to connect to SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and how to use DraftSight with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This session is recommended for experienced DraftSight users. (Monday, Feb. 11)


“Boost the Power of DraftSight by Connecting it to Other Applications” is the title of a 90-minute session presented by Ram Chilukuri, a Dassault Systèmes development manager. This will be a deep dive into the interoperability capabilities of DraftSight, including how to exchange data with other applications. The User Interface features of the DraftSight Application Programming Interface (API) will also be shared. This session is recommended for users with at least one year of DraftSight experience. (Wednesday, Feb. 13)

Vivek Allu will lead a second DraftSight session, “Unleash the Power of the DraftSight API and Rapidly Build Powerful Applications.” The emphasis will be on creating add-ons and small applications that can boost personal and group productivity. The session will also lay a foundation for designing more complex DraftSight add-ins. “If they have a great idea,” says Allu, “they can probably commercialize the app.” This session is suitable for all DraftSight users, as well as those considering switching to DraftSight. (Tuesday, Feb. 12)

A DraftSight Roundtable session will take place Tuesday, Feb. 12. User Experience expert Marco Leizza will lead this 90-minute open session where users and a variety of DraftSight experts can discuss all things DraftSight. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered.

“Introducing DraftSight 3D Design” will explore how to create 3D models using just DraftSight. Attendees will gain insight on building 3D models, how to use constraint-based drawing tools, and how to take drafting into real-world conceptual design. The class will be taught by Johnathen “Sparky” Lieber, an electrical & PCB expert with GoEngineer, a leading SOLIDWORKS reseller. (Tuesday, Feb. 12, repeated on Wednesday).

In addition to the sessions above, there will be plenty to discover at the Partner Pavilion.

For more information, visit https://solidworksworld.lanyonevents.com/2019/connect/agenda.ww  and choose “DraftSight” under “Discipline”. See you there!

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